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General Lawn Care

General lawn care is the basic service offered.  This includes mowing the yard and weed-eating tight spaces, and pop-up weeds.  It also includes edging the driveways, curbs, sidewalks, and patios, as well as blowing off all hard surfaces in the yard and removing the leaves from the turf areas.  This can be set up on any different schedule, depending on the turf type and customer desires.


No landscape is complete without an area to enjoy it.  We will take your current yard design and create an outdoor living area to make any neighbor envious.  We can work with a large variety of stone, wood, or metal materials.  This can include but is not limited to patios, retaining walls, knee walls, walkways, curb stones, fire pits, fire places, and outdoor kitchens.  We can take the project from start to finish and work to incorporate any preferences or desires that you have.

Hedge Trimming

Hedge trimming is an essential part to any landscape.  It is important to keep the hedges, bushes, and small trees at a manageable level to reduce chances of overgrowth.  Also keeping weeds and other growth out of them will help to keep them healthy and full.  Depending on bush type, and flowering time this can be set up on any schedule from once a year, to once every two weeks.

Turf Treatments

After installing a turf or acquiring an existing one it is very important to keep it maintained with the proper treatments.  In our area, we are able to grow both warm and cool season grasses.  This means that both types have their good and bad times of year for desired growth.  In order to keep an acceptable stand of turf with minimal weeds, diseases, or other pests, a year round program of treatment is highly recommended.

Mosquito Control

The yard may be beautiful and ready for outdoor living, but nothing can ruin the fun quite as easily as mosquitos.  We can develop a treatment program for the “mosquito season” to reduce and eliminate mosquito activity in the yard as well as any outdoor social areas.


Wingnut Yard Maintenance offers a high level of irrigation maintenance.  We can set up an annual plan that would take care of the spring start-up and the fall winterization for any system.  Periodically throughout the season we can schedule regular inspections to make sure the system is operating at its full potential and efficiency.

Turf Installation

Turf Installation can include anything from seed to sod, and sprigs and plugs.  This will be depending on desired turf type as well as the microenvironment of where it is being planted.  There are several different ways and reasons to install a new turf species or even to start over with an existing one, all of which can be done, and done the right way. 

Plant Installation

While trees and most plants can handle many different planting methods, it is necessary for them to be planted correctly in order to make the plant last for years to come.  We can also offer different suggestion of what will work in certain areas, and the maintenance that will accompany each plant.


A nice plant bed with both perennial plants and annual plants placed in an appropriate place can really tie a landscape together.  It is important to have these properly built and maintained to increase the life of both the bed and the plants inside.  If this is something that is desired it can be done several ways.  If the customer has already decided what they want the bed to look like, we can work off a plan.  If they are not sure, we can also create the plan and get it approved before beginning the work.


Once a bed or natural area has been laid out and the plants are in and growing the next step is the ground cover.  This is not limited to just mulch and pinestraw, it can be anything that you, the customer, feels completes the landscape.  Whichever you choose we will pick it up, bring it to the location and spread it.


One step above trimming hedges is small limbs and trees.  We can trim, shape-up, or prune any size tree or shrub in the landscape. While we are not a tree service, we do keep one on call and will handle the entire job from beginning to finish. 


Water control is imperative in maintaining any level of landscape and/or hardscape.  If water is an issue, it can quickly deteriorate and downgrade anything in its path.  We would be happy to review, repair, or install any level of gutter or downspout drains, French drains, foundation drains, or many more. We will work with the existing landscape to make any drain repair as inconspicuous as possible.

Debris Removal

Any debris that we create while working will be taken away and dumped that day.  That does not limit this service to just debris we cause.  We will also come haul away any yard waste whether someone else or nature has created it.  This also includes any disaster that may have caused debris to fall into the landscape from large amounts of leaves to fallen trees.

Landscape Overhaul

A landscape overhaul as we like to call it is not always the number one choice for getting a yard in shape, but is sometimes what it needs.  This means that we will take a yard that has a list of things that need to be cleaned up or fixed, and we will take it on.  No job will involve too much or be too big for Wingnut to handle.

Leaf Removal

During the fall, as the temperatures begin to drop, so do the leaves.  This can cause many problems in the landscape especially on newly seeded turf.  It can also be an eyesore for the entire landscape by filling beds and even staining the driveway.  It’s important to have a regular plan to keep them cleaned up.  We will also keep the roof and gutters cleaned upon request and haul away all the leaves and debris we collect in the process.

Shoveling Driveway and Walkways

Even though we rarely see severe winter storms come through this area it is necessary to be prepared to avoid being stuck in or out of the driveway.  If the storm is coming in with a warning we will spread salt on all the hard surfaces in the yard to prevent the ice from sticking.  If it manages to stick anyway, or if the storm comes through with no warning, we will also come by and shovel the driveway for easy access to and from the parking areas and walkways.

Bobcat Service

Many Jobs are too large for standard landscape equipment. This could be anything from sweeping the street to bush-hogging heavy brush areas, or heavy lifting, grading/earth moving, and even re-graveling driveways.  Anything of the sort is something we can handle. 

Gutter Cleaning

During and after the leaf-drop period in fall it is always a good idea to keep the gutters clean to reduce any back-ups.  Even during the other months of the year it is a good idea to keep a check on them.  Keeping the gutters clean will significantly increase their life expectancy.

We'll Handle Anything

No job is too big or too small.  While we do offer a large amount of services, Wingnut Yard Maintenance will go above and beyond our normal duties to keep our customers comfortable and happy.  If the request is more than our expertise will allow, we will see the job through from beginning to end and make sure the right people will do it and do it the right way.

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